Description of the project and inputs for collaborations

What is minima?

minima is an independent poetry project that aims to investigate the international poetic space and give it a meeting place. Its founders are emerging writers looking for other writers with whom to share a new path. The founders and the collaborators behind minima remain anonymous.

minima consists of two types of publications: a magazine (two issues per year, max. 8 A4 pages folded in half) and volumes in the form of chapbooks (i.e., short collection of poems with a unifying principle, theme, question, or experience, max. 8 A4 pages folded in half).

Our volumes are distributed under a copyleft license. Partial or total reproduction of the works is allowed, as well as their diffusion for the personal use of the readers, as long as not for commercial purposes.

Our international goal

Our project, for now, deals exclusively with poetry written in Italian. However, we would like minima to exist in different languages, especially languages that are underrepresented in the literary field. For this reason, we are currently looking for new collaborators.

We would like to see the creation of independent committees, with independent spaces, that would carry on the minima project at an international level. Some editorial (e.g. copyleft) and political (e.g. anonymity of the editorial staff) choices have still to be maintained, as well as those choices concerning the maximum length of the book. You will be publishing a magazine issue every 6 months and chapbooks (w.ith no fixed cadence), both of them of ca. 8 A4 pages in half (see an example here).

If you would like to take this path with us, please contact us (you can use the mail at the bottom of the page).

Contact us

You can contact us at our email address:

We will try to respond as quickly as possible.